Join visual art journaling veteran Elaine Frenett for a weekly gathering to equip you with skills for your own journaling. Elaine has moved to México and now teaches in Chapala, Jalisco.

Elaine teaches beginning watercolor to students at Diane Pearl Gallery in Mexico
Elaine teaches Visual Art Journaling at Diane Pearl Gallery & Art Center in México.
  • Get reacquainted with pigments and color mixing.
  • Basic watercolor painting.
  • Playful, inventive approaches to writing in your journal.
  • Flowing text around your visuals and page design.
  • Grasping the multi-layered benefits & joys of journaling.

This series of six two-hour classes is limited to 6 students. Some drawing and watercolor skills are needed to make the most of the class.

Where: Diane Pearl Gallery & Art Center
Sta Margarita 23, Riberas del Par
Chapala, Jalisco, México.

Phone: 3767665683

When: Fridays from 10 AM – noon, July 23–August 27, 2021.

Class fee, materials kit for purchase (Professional/Student grade), and more info upon request.

Find more information about Elaine throughout this website and at

Contact Elaine at or Diane Pearl to register.