Elaine has moved and now she’s teaching watercolor classes in México! This beginning watercolor class takes place at the Diane Pearl Gallery in Chapala, Jalisco, México. Learn beginning watercolor with artist Elaine Frenett — wet & transparent techniques — in this class for beginners!

Beginning Watercolor: Wet & Transparent, with Elaine Frenett

In this 6-week class, Elaine reveals the beauty of transparent watercolor. She emphasizes its almost magical ability to paint itself…if you allow it! Join her to dance with this medium and see it differently.

Singular Gloxinia, watercolor painting by Elaine Frenett
Singular Gloxinia, watercolor painting by Elaine Frenett (click/tap to view larger)
  • Pigment and Color Wheel theory for design.
  • Layering and glazing to create glowing color.
  • Techniques to develop focal point and aerial perspective.

Beginning Watercolor with Elaine Frenett takes place on Fridays, October 8–29, and November 12–19, from 10 AM to noon each day.

We meet at the Diane Pearl Gallery and Art Center, which is located at Sta. Margarita 23, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Requirements include:

  • Basic drawing skills.
  • Some exposure to watercolor painting.
  • COVID-19 vaccination.
  • 6 participant maximum.

Cost: $1800

Materials: Class Kit or part thereof is needed.

Questions? Email Elaine at elainefrenett@live.com.